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QILA seeks to empower staff to take control of their cyber surroundings and establish a cultural change towards cyber security in their organisation.  We primarily work with Government and small, locally-owned businesses to ensure our community is the safe and prosperous.

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We specialise in providing A-grade consultants to make your workplace cyber aware and cyber resilient. Our consultants undergo additional vetting and rigorous training before they reach you – making them the best in the industry. That is why they are called QILA Champions.

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Change the cyber culture of your organisation with our world-class training programs. We work with people of all technical competencies to accelerate the cyber hygiene practices of your staff. All programs are consistent with the certification requirements of CISSP and Microsoft.

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QILA is a Canberra-based cyber security company with the belief that cyber security should be a priority and core practice of every modern organisation. QILA creates world-class security for your entire I.T division by strengthening their weakest point – the individual. We work with businesses and Government to deliver impenetrable security solutions.

Reinvent your Cyber Security Culture
Certified Security Experts
Create Human Firewalls

Get the most from your most valuable assets – your team. Make all of them security superstars! Plan and work with security in mind from the very beginning.

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Our Cyber Culture

Employees and IT networks are the two most valuable assets of any business. But did you know that almost all cyber incidents are a result of human error?


Your IT networks can only be secure if you work with our team at QILA. Stop fearing hackers and transform your workplace into a high-productivity, secure environment.

At QILA, we believe that people need to drive the security of your organisation. But to do that, they must understand how they make your networks vulnerable to outside attacks. By providing your organisation with highly qualified, experienced cyber security professionals (known as QILA Cyber Champions) AND educating your permanent staff, we will make your IT network the most secure in the world.


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QILA Champion Consultants

QILA Champion Consultants are the industry’s best and have specialised knowledge in Cyber Security, Risk and Compliance. QILA Champions don’t just work alongside you – they work with you to protect your organisation’s digital assets.

QILA’s consultancy service provides a holistic approach to cyber security – from design, to implementation, and the nurturing of your organisation’s vital cyber security strategy. We design strategies and frameworks that work for you and your specific needs, working with your permanent staff to ensure they understand the systems, and the QILA impact endures the test of time. We recently been working in a number of specialised areas including:


Situational Awareness

Environmental Scanning

Ethical Hacking

Penetration Testing

Reporting on system weaknesses and vulnerabilities

Cyber Risk Management


But we have many more skills up our sleeves!

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